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Work Hard & Dream Big|2021 Year End Conference

January 24, 2022

On January 21, 2022, the Year-end Work and Reward Conference of Ally Hi-Tech 2021 was grandly held in its Chengdu headquarters. Mr. Wang Yeqin, president of the company, Mr. Huang, CEO of Shanghai Yonghua Capital and other senior leaders of the company as well as more than 100 colleagues attended the year-end conference.



Part 01


President’s Speech


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Pictures of the Conference Site


2021 is a challenging year. Under the circumstances of continued break out of COVID-19 and the economy suffered heavy losses, Ally Hi-Tech maintained its own competitive edge, continuously developed and perfected hydrogen products, and further consolidated the position as a leader in the hydrogen energy field, which perfectly explained our spirit and courage to face difficulties. Last year was a year full of harvest. After creating the American market in 2020, we expanded the market to Vietnam. The overall performance of the company is good, and the annual sales order has increased by more than 20 million yuan compared with last year. With everyone's unremitting efforts, the company won the title of New Economy Demonstration Enterprise in Sichuan Province. There are only 30 such titles in Sichuan province, and Ally Hi-Tech ranked fifth. At the same time, it also won the title of provincial Specialized and New-Field enterprise. 2021 was also a new starting point for the company. In terms of equity financing, it obtained a capital injection of 30 million yuan from Shanghai Yonghua Capital.


2021 was also a year full of opportunities. We are not afraid of the epidemic and economic downturn. We overcame all difficulties, made full use of existing resources without reducing human costs, realized the mutually beneficial development of employees and the company, and achieved a new breakthrough in business scale and output value.





Part 02


Annual Employee Commendation

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Time flies, youth is short. Our employees are here to spend their youth and grow together with the company. Today's achievements embody the wisdom, sweat and hard work of old employees; In their respective posts, they work hard silently, and make unremitting efforts. It is with their efforts that Ally Hi-Tech can prosper day by day.


Excellent Employee Award

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Through the past year, the sweat of struggle has just been wiped away, and the smile of looking back on the journey is spreading. The achievement is the result of everyone's joint efforts, and it is also a true demonstration of the unity of all Ally Hi-Tech people. We have a harmonious team that is not afraid of difficulties and is active and enterprising. We share the same fate with the company and have created a brilliant today with unremitting efforts! It is you who strive to write new chapters and create the future with hard work. In different posts, they are unknown. Step by step, they proved through practice and action that no matter how high the mountain is, climbing up will eventually reach the top.



Introduction of New Employees

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Welcome our new employees to the new year. They are either students who have just come out of the ivory tower or soldiers who have been on the battlefield for a long time. In the future, we will work hand in hand with us to create a better tomorrow with one heart and one mind.


All Staff Chorus

Achievements belong to the past, and the road ahead is not smooth. It is said that time moves fast, but how can time have feet It is people who are moving forward while time and potential are now and reward is under people’s feet. Our effort of ten million hammer punches into one tool creates extraordinary every day in the future. The president of the company led everyone to sing Go Forward Ally Hi-Tech.




Part 03

The Annual Conference Ended with a Wonderful Banquet

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Banquet site pictures



All employees of the company gathered together to drink and participate in the grand event. The atmosphere was warm, with the sound of blessing and clinking cups... We had an unforgettable feast together!

In 2021, we fight side by side and work together.

In 2022, we will create a new chapter again and expand the future.

Thank you for your participation along the way.

Witness and participate in the continuous growth of the company.

In the future, we will not forget our original vision and lofty aspirations.

Go hand in hand and set out towards a higher goal!