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Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Ally Hi-Tech
No. of Employees: 100~300
Annual Sales: 27,000,000-30,000,000
Year Established: 2000
Export p.c: 30% - 40%
About Us

Founded in 2000, Ally Hi-Tech is an engineering company dedicated to providing engineering service of industrial gas, especially hydrogen.


From design, construction to on-site guidance, after-sale maintenance, Ally has professional teams and provide our clients with customized service. Ally Hi-Tech has been focusing on the innovation of related technology and obtained 38 Chinese patents, 1 European patent, 1 American patent.


Owing to the advanced core tech, Ally participated in 6 national projects including Hydrogen projects of 2008 Olympics and 2020 Expo, while we also provide hydrogen for all the satellite launch centers in China.


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Hydrogen production and hydrogen purification is the main business of Ally Hi-Tech.


We participated in the draft of the standards of hydrogen generation by methanol-reforming. As a member of the Chinese hydrogen standard committee, Ally Hi-Tech also took part in the editing of 6 Chinese standards and 1 international standard related to hydrogen.


By now, Ally Hi-Tech has delivered more than 500 units all over the world and built up cooperative relationships with a lot of clients, such as Air Liquide, Linde, Praxair, BP, Iwantani Group, etc.



TNSC invested Ally. 



Launched Micro Hydrogen Generator by methanol-reforming 

Ally exported a batch of an online small-scale hydrogen production plant for mobile communication base stations run by fuel cell power.



Ally developed the largest single methanol converter and built the world's largest methanol conversion hydrogen plant.



Ally built a hydrogen production station for Xichang and Hainan satellite launching center.



Ally designed and manufactured a hydrogen production system installed at the hydrogen refueling station to provide hydrogen for vehicles powered by hydrogen during the Beijing Olympic Games.



Hydrogen generation via methane steam reforming technology was large scale applied.

Fuel ethanol technology was successfully industrialized.

Air Liquide France appointed Ally Hi-Tech as exclusive partner for hydrogen generation technology in Asia area.



Coke oven gas pre-treatment and PSA technology were successfully industrialized.

Methane purification technology was successfully industrialized and obtained a patent.

Hydrogen peroxide technology was successfully industrialized.

Ally Hi-Tech cooperated with Tongji University to undertake sub-item-hydrogen supply technology and devices of a major project (electric vehicle) under the national 863 project (Shanghai Anting hydrogen filling station).


Ally Hi-Tech is a professional engineering company and provides our clients all over the world with the best service.

Both our domestic and international sales teams provide 24/7 response on clients' request.

Our senior engineers, who are most familiar with the details about hydrogen production and hydrogen purification, will design the technical proposal perfectly to match the customers' needs and the geographical condition, raw material condition, and highest benefit.

Besides, Ally's on-site team gives professional guidance and assistance on the construction, installation, and operation.

No matter where you locate, our after-service staff will drop in every one or two years to check the plant, collect the feedbacks and offer useful suggestions for the operation and maintenance.

Most of our clients will choose to cooperate with Ally again if they have the need for another plant.

We have provided more than 20 hydrogen plants for Air Liquide. And also we built a reliable cooperative relationship with many world top enterprises as well, such as Linde, Praxair, BP, Iwantani Group, etc.



Our Team

Ally Hi-Tech's staff are united like a family and have the same vision:
Dedicate to Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Solutions.


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2018 Foshan Exhibition


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2019 Tokyo FC Expo



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