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Ally Hydrogen Energy Won 2 Utility Model Patents!

May 20, 2023

Recently, the R&D Department of Ally Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. received good news that the utility model patents "A Water cooled Ammonia Converter" and "A Mixing Device for Catalyst Preparation" declared by Ally Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. were authorized by the China National Intellectual Property Administration of the People's Republic of China, and once again expanded the intellectual property of Ally Hydrogen Energy in terms of quantity and quality.

latest company news about Ally Hydrogen Energy Won 2 Utility Model Patents!  0latest company news about Ally Hydrogen Energy Won 2 Utility Model Patents!  1


A Water Cooled Ammonia Synthesis Tower
The internal components of the water-cooled ammonia synthesis tower adopt a special structure, which can absorb the heat released by the synthesis ammonia reaction to generate high-pressure steam. In addition, it has many advantages such as low cost, reduced pressure drop between pipes, reduced stress concentration in pipe fittings, convenient and reliable catalyst loading, improved conversion rate, and reduced heat loss.



A Mixing Device for Preparing Catalysts
By adopting a special structure, it is possible to achieve full contact between several catalyst materials, shorten mixing time, and improve material utilization.

Consolidate technological innovation, constantly strive for excellence, and deeply empower the development of the hydrogen energy industry. Since its establishment, Ally Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the path of technological innovation driven high-quality development that is in line with the development model of the hydrogen energy industry and the characteristics of the enterprise's own development. Its innovation ability and research and development strength have been continuously enhanced. At the same time, Ally Hydrogen Energy keeps up with the pulse of the times, and makes frequent "addition" in the field of hydrogen energy innovation, creating a new technology innovation in the field of hydrogen energy, including new catalyst/adsorbent preparation technology, new alkaline Electrolysis of water hydrogen production technology, new modular ammonia plant technology, new solar photovoltaic coupling technology The research and innovation of multiple leading technologies such as the production of "green hydrogen" and "green ammonia" have achieved fruitful results, realizing that technological innovation has truly become the driving force within the enterprise, and thus accelerating the virtuous cycle and significant development of hydrogen energy industrialization.


Next, Ally Hydrogen Energy will continue to increase its investment in scientific and technological innovation, develop more new technologies, products, and processes with market application value and market value, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and help the enterprise reach new heights and achieve better results.