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Glad Tidings | Ally Won the Sichuan Patent Award Again

November 30, 2023

Vigorously advocate innovation culture, tell the story of Sichuan's intellectual property rights, stimulate the enthusiasm for innovation and creation of the whole society and the motivation to transform results, and inject surging momentum into the high-quality development of Sichuan's economy. On the evening of November 29, 2023, the "Night of Innovators·2023" Sichuan Patent Award Special Program was successfully held, and Ally Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. was invited to participate as the winning company.

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The Sichuan Patent Award is an authoritative recognition of high-quality patents with advanced technology, high level of scientific and technological innovation, good social benefits and development prospects, and strong application and protection measures.

"A Process for Reducing the Pressure in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Tower During Desorption" (Patent No.: ZL201310545111.6) independently developed by Ally Hydrogen Energy won the 2022 Sichuan Patent Award-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. This is the second time that Ally Hydrogen Energy has won the Sichuan Provincial Patent Award, marking the provincial authority’s high recognition of Ally Hydrogen Energy’s product R&D strength and technological innovation capabilities!

Technological innovation is the biggest driving force for high-quality development of enterprises. At present, Ally Hydrogen Energy has obtained a total of 18 invention patents related to the field of hydrogen energy; in the future, Ally Hydrogen Energy will work hard, keep integrity and innovate, continue to explore the innovation track in the field of hydrogen energy, and promote the better transformation of patented technologies into real productivity, create greater economic and social benefits, and help Sichuan build a strong province with high-level intellectual property rights.



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