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Grey Hydrogen to Green Hydrogen

November 7, 2022

In order to achieve the goal of reducing "double carbon", respond to the new characteristics under the new situation, and further improve the technical level of green hydrogen equipment, and contribute to the development of green energy, on November 4, the Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Technology Seminar hosted by Ally Hydrogen Energy was held in Tianjin Ally Hydrogen Co., Ltd., focusing on topics such as water electrolysis hydrogen production technology and hydrogen energy development prospects.

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At the meeting, President Wang Yeqin of Ally Hydrogen Co., Ltd. delivered a welcoming speech, expressing a warm welcome to the visit of the expert group and briefly introducing the status of Ally Hydrogen. He mentioned in his speech that Ally Hydrogen chose to settle in Tianjin because Tianjin has strong industrial strength and a perfect machinery manufacturing and processing industry chain. At the same time, Tianjin Port is also a major hub port in China, which carries the important mission of foreign trade, energy and material exchange, and raw material transportation in Northeast Asia.


Under the premise that the country vigorously promotes carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the new energy field has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The old hydrogen production company with 22 years of experience also faces new challenges. In the renewable energy system, Ally Hydrogen will actively practice the whole industrial chain and the layout and breakthrough of key equipment from electricity to hydrogen, hydrogen to ammonia, hydrogen to liquid hydrogen, and hydrogen to methanol, making these three paths not only feasible, but also of commercial value.



Tianjin Ally Hydrogen covers an area of 4000 square meters, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and a total investment of about 40 million yuan. It can produce 35~55 sets of water electrolysis hydrogen production complete equipment of 50-1500m3/h every year, which can reach the capacity of 175MW. The 1000m3/h electrolytic cell is independently designed and manufactured by Ally Hydrogen, which has made breakthroughs and innovations in a number of key technologies. The main technical indicators such as hydrogen production, electrolytic efficiency and current density of a single machine have reached the advanced level in the industry.


At the meeting, the former general manager of Huaneng Sichuan gave great recognition and encouragement to Ally Hydrogen for its green hydrogen equipment manufacturing. He hoped that the company would become a vigorous and creative enterprise in the new direction, aiming at the international and domestic first-class enterprise groups, working hard, innovating and growing in development with good business concepts and management methods, and gradually stepping to a higher level.

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The representative of Yonghua Investment made a speech at the meeting and said that according to the fact that photovoltaic power generation will account for 40% of the national total by 2050. To achieve this goal, better hydrogen storage methods must be adopted to achieve a larger scale development of photovoltaic. There are still many security risks and cost risks in using current lithium batteries to store energy. Using water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen to further produce green ammonia is a major innovation and measure in the hydrogen production industry. The launch of Ally Hydrogen energy water electrolysis products is a great leap from gray hydrogen to green hydrogen. It is believed that under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, Ally Hydrogen will become an important member of the global hydrogen energy industry.


Later, Yan Sha, manager of the research and development department of Ally Hydrogen, and Ye Genyin, chief engineer, made academic reports on the research and development of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production technology and the exploration of modular green ammonia synthesis technology of Ally Hydrogen, respectively, to share the technical experience and achievements of Ally Hydrogen Energy in green equipment. Compared with the traditional electrolytic cell, the running current density of the electrolytic cell of Ally Hydrogen is increased by about 30%, and the DC energy consumption index is less than 4.2 kW h/m3 hydrogen. The rated hydrogen production reaches 1000Nm3/h under 1.6MPa operating pressure; The single side welding and double side weld forming process adopted is the first in China; Optimize the cell spacing and reduce the overpotential; Optimize electrode materials, reduce contact resistance, increase current density and improve hydrogen evolution efficiency. During the academic exchange, experts from all parties spoke freely and discussed and looked forward to the application of water electrolysis technology and green hydrogen respectively.


After the meeting, under the leadership of President Wang Yeqin, the expert delegation and the technology and production personnel of Ally Hydrogen paid a field visit to the 1000 Nm3/h electrolytic cell production line of Ally Hydrogen Energy. So far, this seminar has been successfully concluded.



In terms of water electrolysis hydrogen production technology and equipment, Ally Hydrogen, as a rising star, will surely catch up with the development trend and truly realize the development goal of hydrogen production equipment to green energy application through professional, systematic and large-scale development.