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Remote commissioning of the Indian biogas project

June 24, 2022

The biogas hydrogen production project exported by Ally Hi-Tech to India has recently completed commissioning and acceptance.


In the remote control room thousands of miles away from India, the engineers of Ally kept a close eye on the on-site synchronization picture in the screen, conducted debugging of each link with Indian personnel at the same time, gave real-time operation instructions, phenomenon analysis, and shared their rich on-site experience and expertise. With the tacit cooperation of both teams, the commissioning and acceptance work proceeded smoothly, the unit reached full load operation, and the product hydrogen reached the standard.

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Three years after the outbreak of the epidemic, the traffic inconvenience has slowed down the pace of economic and trade exchanges. The promotion of biogas projects in India will inevitably be seriously affected. The outbreak of the epidemic comes at the beginning of the shipment of devices to the site.


This is a biogas hydrogen production unit combining wet desulfurization, natural gas hydrogen production and PSA purification process. Since we are unable to go to the site for service, we can only conduct commissioning through remote guidance to the Indian team.


Before commissioning, the engineering teams of both parties had many detailed discussions on the process, device and operation, and were familiar with each detail. During commissioning, our team works 24-hour shifts in turn for the most comprehensive and timely help.

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With sufficient preparation and full commitment, the down-to-earth Ally Hi-Tech people once again perfectly interpreted the belief of "always being with customers".


By means of remote control, Ally has successively accepted five sets of units in Taiwan, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam, involving technologies such as methanol hydrogen production, natural gas hydrogen production and biogas hydrogen production. So far, the remote control technology of Ally has been fully mature, and it has become a reality to serve customers more quickly.


Let’s embrace our original heart, shoulder the responsibility, and unswervingly go forward!