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High Purity SMR Hydrogen Plant By Steam Methane Reforming Technology

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Ally Hi-Tech
Model Number: SMR
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Package
Detail Information
Cost: Low Operation: Stable
Capacity: 50~500,000 Nm3/h System: Easy
Skid: Compact
High Light:

hydrogen gas plant


hydrogen generation plant

Product Description


Hydrogen Plant by Steam Methane Reforming Technology High Purity


Ally Hi-Tech's advanced technology makes SMR hydrogen plant economical and cost-value.

Engineers will design the proposal based on our clients' requests and concerns, while also combine with their own professional advice and finally get the product hydrogen purity, which can be up to 99.9999%. Because the contents of the feedstock affect a lot in the entire process.




The principle of the natural gas hydrogen production process is to pre-treat the natural gas first, and then convert methane and water vapor into carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the reformer. After the waste heat is recovered, the process of converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the conversion tower, this The basis of process technology is realized on the basis of natural gas steam reforming technology. In the shift tower, in the presence of a catalyst, the reaction temperature is controlled, and carbon monoxide and water in the reformed gas react to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide.


Under appropriate pressure and temperature, a series of chemical reactions will occur in the natural gas to produce conversion gas. The conversion gas then undergoes heat exchange, condensation and other processes, allowing the gas to pass through PAS equipped with various adsorbents under automatic control After the installation, impurities such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are adsorbed by the adsorption tower, and hydrogen is sent to the gas-using unit. The adsorbent adsorbed the impurities. After desorption, the desorption gas can be sent to the converter furnace as fuel, and the adsorbent is also regenerated.


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Application of SMR plant
This scale SMR hydrogen plant is dedicatedly developed for the small-scale hydrogen demand, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, floating glass, hydrogen filling stations.

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