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High Capacity PSA Hydrogen Plant Production Unit 5000 To 100000 Nm3/H

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Ally Hi-Tech
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Package
Detail Information
Features: Rustproof\corrosion Proof Automation: High
Process: Simple Configuration Performance: High Performance
Capacity: 5,000~100,000 Nm3/h Keyworda: High Capacity Hydrogen PSA Unit
High Light:

high Capacity PSA hydrogen plant


100000 Nm3/H hydrogen production unit


5000Nm3/H PSA hydrogen plant

Product Description

5000-100000 Nm3/H Capacity Hydrogen PSA Unit / Pressure Swing Adsorption Unit

Hydrogen PSA Unit

The characteristics, process principle and process flow of PSA decarburization technology are basically the same as that of PSA in purifying hydrogen.


The difference lies in that the raw gas of PSA is carbon dioxide-rich mixture and the product gas can be hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide.



  • Production technology is mature and operation is reliable
  • The process flow is simplified and easy to operate accompanied with a prompt action for both start-up and shut-down
  • Automation is high, and the operation and control are simple and reliable
  • Operation is stable, safe and reliable
  • Less land occupation and investment can be recovered in a short time
  • Cost-effective in operation and production
  • Recover CO2 with high concentration >90%

Process Principle

Decarbonization utilizes the properties of adsorbents that selectively adsorb carbon dioxide from a gas mixture under pressurized conditions to separate carbon dioxide from other gas components.
At the same time, the adsorbent releases the adsorbed carbon dioxide gas under reduced pressure, so that the adsorbent recovers its adsorption capacity. According to the different requirements of customers on the carbon dioxide content of the product, one or two stages of operation are adopted to ensure the yield and stable index of the active ingredients.

Process Description

CO2 rich feed gas is pretreated and then entered into the PSA system from the bottom of the adsorption tower. Purified gas (H2, N2, CO) is obtained from the top of the tower.


From the bottom of the tower, we get the desorption gas (main content is CO2) so to recover CO2 or release it into the atmosphere.


  • Capacity: 5,000~100,000 Nm3/h
  • Remaining CO2 : ≤ 0.2%(v/v)
  • Pressure : 0.3~3.6MPa(G)
  • Hydrogen Recovery: ≥98%(v/v)
  • Nitrogen recovery: ≥90%(v/v)
  • CO recovery: ≥92%(v/v)


  • CO2 removal and purification from water gas and semi water gas
  • CO2 removal and purification from shift gas
  • CO2 removal and purification from pyrolysis gas of methanol cracking
  • CO2 removal or concentration from other sources of CO2 –rich gases
  • High Capacity PSA Hydrogen Plant Production Unit 5000 To 100000 Nm3/H 0

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