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High Efficiency Hydrogen Production Water Electrolysis Plant OEM

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hydrogen production electrolysis plant


High Efficiency Hydrogen Plant OEM


High Efficiency water electrolysis plant

Product Description

High Efficiency of Hydrogen Plant By Water Electrolysis

1. Introduction


Hydrogen production by water electrolysis has the advantages of flexible application site, high product purity, large operation flexibility, simple equipment and high degree of automation, and is widely used in industrial, commercial and civil fields. In response to the country's low-carbon and green energy, hydrogen production by water electrolysis is widely deployed in places for green energy such as photovoltaic and wind power


2. Technical Features


• The sealing gasket adopts a new type of polymer material to ensure the sealing performance of the electrolytic cell.

• The electrolytic cell using asbestos-free diaphragm cloth that can reduce energy consumption, be green and environmentally friendly, carcinogens free, and no need to clean filters.

• Perfect interlocking alarm function.

• Adopt independent PLC control, fault self-recovery function.

• Small footprint and compact equipment layout.

• Stable operation and can run continuously throughout the year without stopping.

• High level of automation, which can realize unmanned management on site.

• Under 30%-100% flow, the load can be adjusted freely, and it can run safely and stably.

• The equipment has long service life and high reliability.


3. Brief Introduction of Process Flow


The raw water (pure water) of the raw water tank is injected into the hydrogen-oxygen washing tower through the replenishment pump, and enters the hydrogen-oxygen separator after washing the lye in the gas. The electrolyzer produces hydrogen and oxygen under direct current electrolysis. Hydrogen and oxygen are separated, washed and cooled by the hydrogen-oxygen separator, respectively, and the water separated by the intake water separator is discharged through the drain. Oxygen is output by the regulating valve through the oxygen outlet pipeline, and the user can choose to empty or store it for use according to the use condition. The output of hydrogen is adjusted from the outlet of the gas-water separator through a regulating valve.


The supplementary water for the water sealing tank is cooling water from the Utility Section. The rectifier cabinet is cooled by the thyristor.


The full set of hydrogen production system is fully automatic operation controlled by PLC program, which is automatic shutdown, automatic detection and control. It has various levels of alarm, chain and other control functions, to achieve the automation level of one-button start. And it has the function of manual operation. When the PLC fails, the system can be manually operated to ensure that the system produces hydrogen continuously.


4. Technical parameters and equipment



Purification Processing 50~1000Nm³/h
H2 Purity 99.99~99.999%
Dewpoint -60℃



Hydrogen Production Capacity 50~1000Nm³/h
Operation Pressure 1.6MPa


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